Though I use a lot of FOSS (free and open-source software) products, I have never contributed to any of the major FOSS projects (or minor ones for that matter. I have never really contributed to any of them).

I felt that Google Summer of Code 2016 (GSoC) would be a very prestigious opportunity for me to enter into the development side of the FOSS-world. I was browsing through the long list of Organizations when Abhishek Ahuja, a friend of mine, suggested the Open Event project from the FOSSASIA community.

The FOSSASIA Open Event Project aims to make it easier for events, conferences, tech summits to create Web and Mobile micro apps and also for the organizers to manage the sessions, speakers, tracks and participants.

I checked the project's repositories out on github and I was instantly hooked on to the Open-Event Organizer Server. The project was in its early stages with a lot of room for improvement. And, I saw a lot of potential of it being a software platform to assist the organizing team in managing the various aspects of an event.

Thus began the long, fun process of writing a detailed proposal outlining what I have in mind for the improvement of the project and how I'm gonna go about it. Got it touch with Jonathan "Duke" Leto, who agreed to be my mentor if my proposal gets selected. I was able to finish my proposal just before the deadline on March 26th 2016. :sweat_smile:

Then comes the one-month long wait, to know if your proposal has been selected for GSoC or not. I was to wait till April 22nd 2016 ( :weary: ) to know the result. But, I wasn't bored. Had loads to do. Spent my time getting familiar with the Open Event Organizer Server's python codebase. Reported a few issues and submitted pull requests to fix them. Explored the Flask web framework and SQLAlchemy SQL Toolkit which were extensively used in the project. And the month passed in a jiffy.

Results day (night actually 19:00 UTC => 00:30 IST). April 22nd 2016 19:00 UTC. A friend of mine woke me up so that I could check the results. :smile: . I was very nervous while I waited for the GSoC website to load. And there it was. Nothing happened for a moment. Then it hit me hard. My proposal was selected. :satisfied: . Then got an email from the GSoC team.

Congratulations, your proposal with FOSSASIA has been accepted!

It was was official. I am a 'GSoCer' ! :grin: :grin: . Now I get to spend 4 months of my summer working with the FOSSASIA community on their Open Event project. I have been assigned 7 mentors, and I'll be working with 5 other fellow GSoCer's on the Open Event Organizer Server to make it as cool as possible by the end of the 4 months. What more could I ask for ?

P.S: The summer is gonna be Awesome (and of course, hot) !