I'm Niranjan blogging from India. I'm totally new to the concept of blogging and kinda suck at writing stuff, but have decided to give it a try anyway - the result is, this blog.

Let me start with something about me (like everybody else) ...

My hobbies include Programming (Oh yea ! Writing hundreds of lines of code to make someone else's life easier), Designing Stuff on a Computer (No! I don't use MS Paint), Reading (Sci-Fi Books), and Photography (Yup! I love to click). So, you can expect a lot of 'technical' stuff on this blog apart from general nonsense and ramblings.

I'll not be regular in my blog posts (but I'll try to be). So, let me get started with it ! :)

And yea ! Almost forgot - If you have anything to say to me (suggestions, taunts/hate-speech, etc) feel free to send an email to me@niranjan.io. I'll be happy to reply with an equal amount of hate/affection (you choose).